Event Speaker

 Dr. Arijit Laha

Dr. Arijit Laha

Senior Principal Data Scientist, Infosys

A Senior Principal Data Scientist at Analytics Unit of Infosys Ltd. Involved in creating exciting data analytic solutions and products. Earlier Dr.Laha was with the R&D (InfyLabs) lab, working in the Center for Knowledge Driven Information Systems (C-KDIS) research group.Leading a project for developing a novel class of information systems for supporting performance+ of professional knowledge-intensive activities.Calling them the “Knowledge work Support Systems” or KwSS. This involved intensive and complimentary applications of data science, semantic computing, HCI, NLP, IR and several another discipline. The seed of the idea can be found in the paper RAP: a conceptual business intelligence framework.

The technological challenges faced in KwSS is to a large extent involve sophisticated “Activity-Context” aware computing. Recently, I attended (also had some minor contributions in organizing) a workshop, the “Activity Context Representation: Techniques and Languages, AAAI 2011” at San Francisco. There he presented an extended model of “context” for knowledge-intensive activities.

His earlier works were on various aspects and applications of Pattern Recognition and Image Processing, specializing in Computational Intelligence techniques, especially neural networks, fuzzy systems and theory of evidence. One of the things I delved with quite extensively is the Self-organizing Maps (SOM) – see the fun animations below. There were also some works on parallel algorithms. Been involved in design and implementation of a couple of very challenging Real-time Expert System development projects for DRDO (Defense Research & Dev. Org.)In between, worked as a technical consultant/adviser to a couple of Indian nationalized banks in their “Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence (DWBI)” infrastructure building projects.